Valentine's Tech Gifts: Smartbed
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Although there are many lists and gift suggestions about what to buy your loved one, this Valentine’s tech gifts list is a little different. Instead of buying your partner something they use without you, how about investing in a gift you can use together? These four ideas all earned notable praise at the 2017 Consumer Technology Association (CES) exhibit in January. Best of all, they’re all something that will benefit both of you. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Valentine's Tech Gifts: SmartbedWinner of the CES 2017 Best Of Innovations Award for home appliances, this smart bed takes your mattress to the next level. For years, Sleep Number beds have allowed you and your partner adjust the firmness and angles of your mattress separately. The new smart bed now takes all those controls and adds Using SleepIQ technology. The bed adjusts to make you more comfortable. If your feet are cold, it will warm them up. Best of all, if your partner starts to snore, the bed will raise automatically their head to reduce the volume, keeping them from waking you up and helping to maintain a lasting relationship.

LeEco Smart Bikes

Made by LeEco, a technology super company out of China, these new smart bikes might be just the thing for couples who like to ride together. The bike includes a built-in Android computer mounted on the handle bars. It has turn by turn navigation options, plus music playback and walkie talkie capabilities, so you can track down your riding partner after they’ve veered off the trail in search of a jump. The LeEco Smart Bike will also log your rides, lets you share that information with other people and keeps track of goals you set.


Polaroid Pop Instaprint Camera

For the retro technology lover in your life, the Polaroid Pop will be a welcome gift. Polaroid has managed to bring back its popular instant camera with a new twist. Now you can snap a digital picture and print it instantly using their hand-sized updated version. The Polaroid Pop has a touchscreen, flash, and HD video capabilities. Best of all, you also have the ability to save the pictures to a drive to upload to social media later. What better way to document your romantic getaway?

Nabi Aristotle

Although a baby monitor wouldn’t usually make the list of Valentine’s tech gifts, the Nabi Aristotle is not your normal baby monitor. Functioning similarly to Amazon’s Alexa, this new gadget from toymaker Matter will not just let you know when the baby’s crying – it will automatically try to soothe the baby back to sleep so you can stay snuggled up on the couch. The Aristotle will also answer questions from you or your kids; order more diapers when you run out.

Whether you prefer staying in or going out to spend time with your loved one, these gifts give you fun ways to spend time together that both of you will enjoy.

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