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As 2017 begins, it’s natural to look forward and wonder what the new year will bring. In terms of technology, a number of advancements are already taking shape that are destined to bring massive change to the way the world runs. Keep an eye out for these new technologies in 2017:

Self-Driving Vehicles

Automation and artificial intelligence are leading the way in new technologies in a big way. Tesla has already equipped its newest models with the ability to drive themselves; also, many freight companies are starting the process of integrating self-driving vehicles to haul goods across the country. Many argue that automated cars are better drivers than humans; this year, those theories will be put to the test.

Wireless Everything

We’ve become increasingly less “tied down” for years now. Remember when telephones were connected to the wall, or when you had to stand and walk over to the TV to change the channel? Nevertheless, wireless technology continues to advance. You now have the option to don wireless headphones to listen to music, or to use wireless chargers to recharge your phone.

Even more important, many companies are seeking ways to provide wireless internet access to parts of the world that previously didn’t have any. This doesn’t just mean remote areas and countries, either – Google Fiber is seeking ways to extend internet access within cities, too, via wireless hubs instead of hardwire connections.

Green Technology

Green technology continues to build momentum, using natural or renewable resources to provide energy without creating waste. These new technologies range from solar-powered roof tiles to hand-powered phone chargers that charge your cell phone as you crank them.

More and more people seek ways to consume less energy. As a result, technology developers are gaining in popularity and market share. Aside from building self-driving cars, Tesla is most well-known for its development of new technologies in this field. These range from electric cars, to batteries that power whole houses, to solar-power-collecting roof tiles, and more. In fact, Tesla made more money in the third quarter of 2016 than the entire oil industry made in all of 2016.

Mobile-To-Everything Pairing

Smartphones continue to gain not just in popularity, but also in necessity. In many ways, it’s now easier to get along without your wallet than it is without your smartphone. You can pay for your Starbucks coffee; send money; and get through airport security with your phone. Some social networks are pretty much worthless unless you’re using them on your phone. As the Internet of Things gains ground, you’ll be able to make sure your stove is turned off with your phone. You can check your refrigerator to see if you need to pick up milk on your way home. Also in 2017, you’ll be able to sync your phone to your TV. You can share not just the screen, but also TV shows and videos.

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