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Untethered Content Delivery Takes Another Giant Leap

TV-300x225Seems that everywhere you turn, there is talk of the masses that make up Generation X changing the content delivery game. A few years ago, the number US households with no land-line began its upward migration.

The number of US households with no land-line is a now in excess 40%. “The trend is higher among young adults, with nearly two-thirds of 25- to 29-year-olds living in wireless-only households,” according to a recent piece in the Chicago Tribune. But the migration of the technology majority doesn’t stop there. Close to 20% of US homes no longer have cable and rely entirely on services like Netflix or Hulu Plus. That’s over 5 million households. (Source:

And the icing on the untethered content cake is the fact that this year, for the first time since black and white cabinet-sized televisions filled living rooms and parlors, has the total number of US households with a TV set actually declined. This is not your parent’s generation.

The facts are pretty clear: we don’t like contracts or the limitations of technology or content that doesn’t move fluidly with us. Let’s face it, being able to watch the Walking Dead on your phone or tablet is just cool. Technology continues to define us as a culture. We are mobile, addicted to the “always connected” lifestyle and for most of us, loving the freedom that comes with it.

The Mobile Movement Continues

Another giant leap this week further cemented our freedom from the cable. CBS launched its 24/7 online news channel, CBSN. Like its terrestrial counterpart, the supporting revenue comes from advertisers. But unlike your parents evening newscast, you can watch it at any time, and even use DVR-like functionality to rewind the news. I call that cool.

“We’ve tried to make it so you can watch it in a passive way and an active way,” says CBS News President David Rhodes. “We are all looking forward to seeing how people watch it and what succeeds and what doesn’t. We weren’t going to know those things until we got the product live.”

As we continue to move at the speed of light into uncharted waters, we can expect to see more industries move toward the Gen X preference of freedom to do (or watch) what you want, when you want, where ever you want. Gone are the days of needing a bank lobby to make a deposit, Starbucks is testing delivery from its new Smartphone app in select markets and changes unimaginable are on the horizon.

This tech watcher thinks that we live in just about the most exciting time since the dawn of humanity. As this trend continues, you have to wonder what’s next. At some point, we will look back and realize that the death of cable as we knew it is just the beginning.

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